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Callicore is a PHP-GTK2 based application framework. What's the difference between this and a traditional framework? Callicore is worried less about flexibility (make everything work) and more about applications (do the hard work in a structured manner). It may seem odd to have a framework for a desktop application, but CC is designed to make even difficult things like configurable toolbars or tooltip management easy and fast.

There are currently three applications built on Callicore. Writer is a fiction writing helper. Ide is a basic PHP and PHP-GTK ide. Photo is a simple photo management and manipulation tool. If you have an application built on Callicore feel free to contact me to get it into the callicore github org.

Callicore currently requires the "latest and greatest" version of PHP-GTK2 and the GTK 2.10 or better libraries.

Active Development

There is no current timeline for releases. If you'd like to be involved with any aspect of the project, or want to ask questions, submit bugs, or ask for features please join IRC - freenode on #php-gtk